Closed corner frames are the ultimate in framing quality and craftsmanship. It’s what makes them stand apart from any other frames available. Building the frame first and then applying the finish, ensures that each one of our frames is very strong with virtually seamless corners.


I pride myself in using artisan woodworking joining techniques to build my frames. The spline is where one or two cuts are made in the corner of the frame after it is built. Another type of wood (usually contrasting) is put in its place to highlight craftsmanship and beauty. Using these techniques allows me provide a distinctive look and finished quality, while also providing added strength and durability.


Each one of my frames is made from scratch.  All lumber is hand selected before milling it to the desired profile. Frames are finely sanded to ensure the ultimate in smoothness before adding any of my handcrafted natural finishes.

IMG_2297 copy.JPG

By keeping all of the work in house, allows me to have complete control over every aspect of the frame building operation. This in turn delivers the highest quality and produces consistent products to my customers.

Using cast iron vices ensures each corner is securely bonded together to provide added durability.


Disc sanding helps me to achieve a near perfect join every time. 

My commitment to quality is equaled by my commitment to the environment. The wood I use is FSC certified (ensuring that the wood comes from well managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits). I have also teamed up with my local community to donate all of my raw wood waste for composting and other recycling needs.